Rest by GOE, Tune into your body.

Discover different ways of relaxation, stress management, and improving sleep.

We all know how important sleep is, but do we know other forms of resting and how to incorporate rest into our busy schedules? 

Many people associate resting with being lazy, lacking ambitions, being unproductive or avoiding our daily duties. Therefore, we tend to be active and occupied all the time. It gives us a sense of importance, gives us validation of our worth, makes us feel useful and productive.  In reality, resting can bring you more benefits than you could ever imagine.  

If you are physically active, your muscles will need rest to restore and rebuild from the times of activity. If you don’t provide it for your body, sooner or later it’ll start lacking nutrients and result in injury or illness. Sleep is a great way of restoring the system but it’s not always enough. 

Let’s not forget about the mind. We all heard the phrase ‘’to switch off’’, as a way of explaining the need to have some time away from daily activities and work. This can be hard, when you have a full-time job, family and household duties to look after daily. 

At GOE, we believe that rest is very important for a healthy and balanced life. Hence why, we’ve created classes with techniques, methods and tips on how to rest your mind and body. Remember that if you are super active and don’t like stillness, there are also ways of giving your body and mind a rest while still being active. 

In Rest by GOE we’re focused on making sure you know how and why resetting and restoring your nervous system is vital. We offer classes with techniques like yoga, breathing exercises; tips and advice on ways to calm yourself down, relax your mind and body and feel better prepared for each, and every day.

Rest Benefits

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Rest Yoga + Much MoreRest Yoga + Much More
Yoga + much more!
Catering to all abilities, Rest features classes in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathing and relaxation, plus numerous specialist classes.
Rest Designed for busy livesRest Designed for busy lives
Designed for busy lives
Rest classes designed to fit your lifestyle: ranging from five minutes all the way to one hour (in either audio or video). Tune into your body – whenever, wherever!
Rest CommunityRest Community
Join a community
It’s easier to stay on track with wellness when you feel supported. Our community forum is here to let you share ideas with other Gardens’ members and us too. We love to hear from you!
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