Active By GOE, Feel energiseD!

Move your way to a healthier and happier you. Fall in love with an active lifestyle.

We believe that an active lifestyle is a key pillar to a healthy life! Our body needs movement on a daily basis to function properly!

We understand that it is not easy to start, and later keep on going. Consistency is the key, and we struggle with it the most. We manage sometimes to motivate ourselves to start, but we usually fail to keep on going. That is when we decide  - “It is not for me. I can’t. What is the point in even starting when I failed so many times.” - we think. 

We simply don’t want to fail again. We miss here a huge point, that failure is a part of a journey. We simply need to start again, and do it a bit differently. We probably want to see results too soon, and too quick. So we put on ourselves routine that is impossible to follow and we set up goals that are too difficult to achieve. 

At Active by GOE we believe in small steps and we focus on building a sustainable routine that will fit into your lifestyle. We share different ways on how to start becoming more active, and then build on that, as you progress. Our programmes are easy to follow.

You will also find tips and advice on finding healthy active habits and goal setting, that will make it easier for you to keep going on days when you won’t feel very motivated, but also will help you acknowledge your development, and

Our classes are fun, short, and for everyone, so they can be built into busy daily lives. We want you to fall in love with an active lifestyle.

Active Benefits

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Active Fun & CreativeActive Fun & Creative
Fun & Creative
A huge range of inventive classes, all designed to fit into your day, however busy you are. So you’re becoming more active and energized day by day!
Active Something for everyoneActive Something for everyone
Something for everyone
Active classes can be performed indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment. There are differerent levels of difficulty and variety for people of all interests.
Active Join a CommunityActive Join a Community
Join a Community
It’s easier to stay on track when you feel supported. So our GOE Wellness internal community shares ideas, tips, and challenges that help you stay on track and support your journey all the way.

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Wellness is practicing healthy habits. We are here to help you make those changes, one step at the time.

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